Our Vision - BlightFree Communities

In our vision, residents and families of communities will never have to contend with abandoned buildings or vacant lots that create dangerous conditions and illegal activity.  We need your help to identify those properties that are contributing to the blight problem.  Take a look around your community - there are likely blighted properties needing attention. As you notice them, keep in mind that there is a resource to help - The Community Preservation Alliance.  Send those addresses to us using the form below.

All submissions are confidential. We do not use your email or other contact details for anything other than keeping you informed about our efforts to make your community BlightFree.

If you want us to contact you please provide an email address or phone number. You can also call us directly at (267) 908-4015.

Removing blight

We have been taking on blighted properties since 2006. During that time, we have developed a number of effective strategies that result in blighted properties being cleaned up, renovated, or otherwise repurposed into productive, occupied spaces that contribute meaningfully to their blocks, communities and neighborhoods.  In fact, the current value of properties that we made BlightFree is now more than $15 million!

There are a number of causes of blight, including death of the owner with no apparent family, abandonment for economic reasons, tangled titles, and a host of others. We are experienced at identifying the root cause of the problem, and sorting through the available options, which may include legal action, contacting heirs or other parties with interests. 


How We're Helping


We are a nonprofit organization making communities stronger by removing blight. With the help of our community partners, residents, and staff, we identify properties that are blighted, and employ research, legal and other methods to return the property to productive use.

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Is there an eyesore in your neighborhood that's dangerous, vacant or blighted? Let us know! Our mission is to restore neighborhoods by removing blight. We'll help you find a way to help that best suits you. Submit the address confidentially here.

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Thank You


Whether you help by identifying blighted properties, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, Thank you! We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you!